Long Range Precision Rifle

Our Long Range Precision (LRP) I – IV curriculum was created by former Army sniper instructor, Kenny Winn, who is also HPR’s founder and president. We place extreme importance on the fundamentals of marksmanship and ensure you understand your responsibilities while on the gun. Combining this emphasis with instruction on ballistics, atmospherics, scope utilization, technology integration, spotter competency, wind reading, and many other topics, will make you the shooter you have aspired to be. Our instructors are laid back, easy going and love to teach; and with a mandated 1 to 4 instructor to student ratio you can ensure that you will not be forgotten on the other end of the firing line. Our main training objective is to produce an “advanced shooter competency” in every student who trains with us, and enable our clients to independently and effectively conduct LR sustainment training on their own. If you give us a day of your time we will give you knowledge that will enable your independent shooter success.



Our ELR courses are designed for those who want to conduct a deep dive into ballistics, ELR theory, atmospheric / environmental effects on your projectile and technology integration.  This training is a common sense continiuation of our popular LRP cirriculum, and allows you to incorporate all knowledge gleaned in your prior classes while extracting all capabilities from your LR platform and caliber of choice.  We highly suggest running through this class with a quality platform chambered in a caliber that is capable of delivering rounds that retain super sonic velocities past 1,500 yards. Our goal is to get all students on steel at 1 mile. We currently only run our ELR curriculum at our Niobrara, NE training location but with proper coordination we are capable of exporting this training to locations that can accommodate our style of instruction and the safe application of live fire training.



Our Extended Range Game Harvest (ERGH) and Customized Hunt Prep courses teaches those with a passion for big game hunting to get the most performance out of themselves and their hunting platform. Through in-depth instruction on the fundamentals of marksmanship, alternate firing positions, ballistics, basic wind reading and live fire hunting scenarios, we will help you establish your own Ethical Range Limit (ERL). This course is a way for you to hone your rifle hunting skills and improve your harvest odds on that trophy animal that you have invested sweat, time and money to pursue. Invest in your own training before you invest in resources, game tags and high dollar gear…at the end of the day your hunt success comes down to your personal knowledge of your rifle, ballistic competency and ability to employ the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Looking for Private or Custom Tailored Training?

Are you ready to enhance your Ballistic Competency?

Whether you are an individual, a group, or a corporate team, we can accommodate nearly any training, curriculum or organizational range day to suit your exact needs.  From hunt preparation to bachelor parties, we have an awesome and safe day planned for your crew on the firing line.  We can provide rifles, scopes and all other needed range resources, and procure ammo, so all you have to do is literally show up and shoot; we are the “Easy Button” of the LR training world.  Please contact us to discuss our private and customized training courses so we can get you and your crew penciled in for some professional rifle instruction and an unbelievable day on the range.

Call us anytime at 402-440-9577 or Contact Us Here and we’ll get in touch with you.

Private Instruction & Spotter Assisted Range Usage available

We are changing the way people think of precision rifle training

HPR has exclusive partnerships with hunting lodges and landowners throughout Nebraska to facilitate the numerous course offerings from our training catalog.  We have established private ranges vicinity of Lewiston, NE, where we shoot to 1K yards, as well as Niobrara, NE where we can shoot to 1 mile. We also have established a private training operation in the Dora Hills, Florida area and are extremely excited about our ability to train year round. Please know that with proper coordination and the availability of resources, we are capable of exporting our LR curriculum & customized training to locations throughout the United States. If you would like us to bring a training event to your local range, or private ground, then simply reach out to us to begin coordination.

Our Instructors come from various military and law enforcement duty positions, all of who have established advanced levels of ballistic acumen and rifle competencies from their time within those roles, many still actively serving in such capacities. Nearly all of our instructors are active in training, competing or operating within their respective communities, and in roles that require true subject matter expertise of precision rifle training principles, marksmanship fundamentals, operational doctrine, instructor certification and resource utilization.

We proudly employ instructors with broad levels of experience & qualifications;

Former Army Sniper Instructors

Marine Corps Scout Snipers

Air Force CCT Snipers

All Guard Shooting Teams; Double Distinguished & President’s Hundred

Army Long-Range Reconnaissance team Snipers

Marine Corps Primary Marksmanship Instructors

Army Scout Platoon Snipers

LE SWAT Snipers

At HPR we pride ourselves on being able to constantly give our clients what they expect with regard to return on their training dollars, which is an advanced level of training, obvious subject matter expertise and competent instructors who can effectively communicate on a personal level.  We subscribe to an “Invest in Yourself” training principle and believe that everyone should master the Fundamentals of Marksmanship as the foundation of their shooter evolution. If a resource does not help our students grow their competency then it simply will not be found on our firing line. Whenever possible we attempt to teach in an “analog” capacity, i.e. whiteboard, markers, curriculum and instructor, and it is this no-frills approach to training that provides our students the best value in Long Range training in America. Our classes, instruction and live fire application are conducted in a common sense fashion with a mandated 1 instructor to 4 students (1 to 4) maximum which ensures you are getting the individual attention you need to evolve you shooter competency. HPR classrooms and firing lines are safe, relaxed and structured for maximum learning, come spend a day on the range with an HPR crew and see for yourself.


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