Precision Rifle Courses

Long Range Precision (LRP I - IV)

Our LRP curriculum is a common sense shooter progression that is offered via four separate classes, i.e. LRP I, II, III & IV. Each class has been designed to instill foundational skills from which to further build upon and evolve your shooter competency. Whether you are new to the long range game or an experienced shooter looking for different viewpoints and training perspectives, we cater to anyone who is serious about wringing out all potential they possess as a shooter, as well as the capabilities of their chosen LR platform. We will instill in you an advanced understanding of the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, and in some cases reverse engineer our student’s thought processes to better acknowledge that the Fundamentals will always trump high dollar gear and stabilization aides.  Our civilian focused LRP curriculum provides our students with professional style instruction commonly found within our advanced military school houses, but in one of the most laid back training environments in America. If you want to push the “Easy Button” on your shooter evolution then get enrolled in an LRP class today.

Extreme Long Range

How to calculate and shoot to the absolute limits of range. With the right caliber and rifle, we shoot 2000+ yards and beyond.

Mid & Long Range Carbine

Our Mid & Long Range Carbine classes are for all of those shooter out there who want to better themselves with what is possibly the most common center fire rifle platform in America, the beloved AR / “Gas-Gun”. Regardless of what your carbine is chambered in, we will provide you military level instruction on your carbine’s operating system, ballistic capabilities; an in depth look at the various .223 offerings on the market, safe handling & malfunction drills, the nuance of Fundamentals of Marksmanship as they apply to gas-gun platforms, iron sight utilization, scope mounting and zeroing, alternate firing position application and numerous other associated topics. If you own an AR and want to run it out to it’s max effective range, and then some, then our Mid & Long Range Carbine class is where you should start.


While we are not a public range, we do offer coordinated range usage with on-site assistance from an HPR spotter.  This is a great way to get yourself and your crew on the range to work on specifics and preparation for upcoming events. Since we are a private training entity will not have to endure painful hours on crowded firing lines, excessive muzzle blast from multiple platforms and rigid range usage requirements that do not allow for prone or alternate firing position firing applications. We will gladly assist you in following;

♥ load development

♥ data collection

♥ competition train up

♥ hunt preparation

♥ scope mounting & establishment of zero

♥ LR fundamentals & sustainment

If you have a reason to get on the range, and would like spotter assistance, then we can coordinate and secure a training block for you on our calendar.

♥ 3 Hour Range Usage blocks start at $175 for one shooter

♥ add additional shooters for $100 apiece

♥ add additional hours for $45 per shooter / per hour

Contact us to discuss details & pricing


Our instructor staff is compiled of combat veterans, active & veteran military snipers, former military sniper instructors, Army competitive shooters, law enforcement sniper personnel and avid big game hunters. Nearly all HPR instructors are still actively involved in military and law enforcement sniper training operations, sniper employment operations, civilian and military rifle competitions and big game hunting. Our trainers are down to earth and will openly share their subject matter expertise and lessons learned through their immersion within their respective sniper, competition and hunting communities. Most importantly, our instructors are not just “military dudes” with legit resumes, HPR only utilizes the most competent personnel and they must also be highly efficient at imparting their humble knowledge upon all students.  HPR instructors will do whatever is necessary to ensure you understand all course content and can practically apply what you have been taught, and with a maximum 1 – 4 instructor to shooter ration you can guarantee not to be forgotten about on the far end of the firing line. Our value is our personnel, come out and see for yourself.


At Heartland Precision we subscribe to a no frills style training atmosphere and shun the idea that high dollar and aesthetically pleasing shooting “complexes” are required to efficiently train aspiring LR shooters, or help sustain the skills of those already immersed in the LR community. Our training style and resources utilized are efficient and common sense, and gleaned from our collective years training on military firing lines around the globe. We utilize the fundamentals of marksmanship as the base for our LR rifle training curriculum and grow shooters from that foundation. Before you go “digital” and embrace all that technological advances that are now common in the LR world, we make sure you can perform in an “analog” capacity; we make you master the basics before allowing a jump to advanced practices. When we couple this training mindset with the training facilities we have located in some of the most beautiful areas of the country, you have an HPR training event.


At Heartland Precision we understand why people are hesitant to jump into the LR training world. Many people think they are “not ready” to come to an HPR class due to not having, in their opinion, the right scope, rifle, caliber or knowledge base. This mindset is harmful and counterintuitive to one of our main tenant of rifle training, which is “INVEST IN YOURSELF FIRST”. While quality rifles, stocks, scopes and ammo are of great benefit when it comes to putting rounds where we want them to go, they will never trump a shooter’s knowledge base and understanding of the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. Most aspiring shooters get it backwards and drain their checking account on gear and resources they don’t yet understand how to utilize properly, or attempt to “gear up” to compensate for their own perceived lack of ballistic competency.

We urge you to revaluate what your time is worth to you as we are fully aware that many folks will scour the internet, shooter blogs and Youtube videos in hopes of gleaning free shooting tips and instruction. To this we say, God Bless America, and that we are all free to do as we choose, but would you not like to be taught LR applications by an in person subject matter expert who can then coach and mentor you in follow up live fire application? This is what we offer, and is what makes our curriculum the best return on your dollar in the LR training community today. Our desired end state, which is an admitted failed business model, is to train our students to a level of subject matter expertise to where they are capable of conducting efficient LR live fire training on their own, and without dependency on HPR personnel. Do yourself a favor and get off Youtube, and get on a HPR firing line and begin applying our classroom imparted instruction on down range targets.



Heartland Precision’s long-range rifle curriculum has been created by our Co-Founder and former Army Sniper instructor Kenny Winn. Heartland Precision offers classes at every skill level to teach both beginners and experts the skills needed to accurately and consistently get hits on target at the full capability of your rifle.

Long Range Precision 1

Our Long Range Precision 1 class, or (LRP-1), was created by former Army Sniper instructor, Kenny Winn, to serve as the foundation for all long range rifle classes within the Heartland Precision Rifle class inventory. In LRP-1 we teach an attention to detail focused utilization of the fundamentals of marksmanship as the key learning objective of the class, and then help our students incorporate them into their shot sequence to achieve down range accuracy. MOE INFO…

Long Range Precision 2

Our Long Range Precision (2) class, or LRP-2, is a common sense continuation of LRP-1, and focuses on Advanced Scope Utilization to achieve long range hits on targets. We teach you how to use your target reticle, via the MOA or MIL relation formula, to determine the range of targets, and then utilize reticle hold over and hold off to compensate for bullet drop and effects of the wind on your projectile. Aside from teaching you how to practically utilize all “dots, dashes, ticks, and lines” within your scope we also introduce you to basic wind reading techniques and naked eye range estimation techniques to compliment your newfound ability to utilize your scope for the same purpose. We will also cover down on advanced shooter / spotter communication and team dynamics. MORE INFO…

Long Range Precision 3

Long Range Precision (3) , or LRP-3, is a Spotter Proficiency & Ballistic Technology Integration focused class where you spend more time on the spotting scope and your ballistic app as you do your rifle. In LRP-3 we will teach you how to collect & utilize atmospheric data, and then couple it with the ballistic performance of your projectile, to achieve extreme accuracy downrange. You are also given a top notch wind reading class where we show you how to read mirage and seen environmental/ vegetation effects to determine wind effects on your round. We will also give you instruction on advanced spotting scope utilization and help you observe bullet trace, observe hits and misses on target, call corrections, and communicate utilizing standard shooter / spotter verbiage. MORE INFO…

Long Range Precision 4

Long Range Precision (4), or LRP-4, is a class where we combine all lessons you’ve gleaned through your participation in LRP 1, 2, & 3 to achieve hits on targets utilizing alternate firing positions, back packs, and stability aides. We help you take your advanced knowledge of the fundamentals of marksmanship, which you gained in LRP 1-3, and transfer them to positional shooting applications and still achieve hits on long range targets. Our qualification table will evaluate your ability to conduct the following; Range Estimation, Unknown Distance Target Engagements, Wind Calling, Reticle Hold Over & Hold off Engagements, Technology Utilization, and Positional Shooting. Upon completion of LRP-4 we will present you with a certificate of completion to honor your accomplishment and to validate your collective 30+ hours of Advanced Long Range Proficiency Training. MORE INFO…

Bring your own ELR platform or hop on one of ours

Extreme Long Range  ELR

Our Extreme Long Range (ELR) curriculum was created at the request of numerous students and for those who have a “Big Bore” or magnum rifle sitting in their gun safe. We know that a quality rifle, scope and ammo combination are capable of amazing precision and capabilities down range, and when you place a Heartland Precision Rifle instructor on a spotting scope behind you, those capabilities begin to manifest at extreme distances down range; 1,000 to 1,800 yards. We will provide you the knowledge, instruction and the resources to make the longest shot you have ever attempted. MORE INFO…

Mid-Long Range Carbine


Civilian Mid-Range Carbine course is a marksmanship focused course and was designed to facilitate successful engagements on mid-range targets (100 – 500 yards) utilizing AR-15 / carbine platforms with either iron sights, red dots, or magnified optics. This course is designed to enhance mid-range proficiency for those who prefer a carbine platform and wish to improve their accuracy at extended ranges.

This course is not a typical day on the range shooting from the prone position, as most of our rounds will be fired from the sitting, kneeling, and even standing. Using natural body position, slings, and support aides we will have you smacking our inventory of steel out to 500 yards, and beyond. We will also teach you how to properly zero your rifle, utilize Max Point Blank Range scope settings, handle malfunctions, and smoothly conduct mag changes. The culmination of your training day will involve live-fire barricade scenarios, natural environment utilization drills, and a stress shoot! Our instructors are excited to pass along the carbine knowledge that they have refined through years of military training, the same training they relied upon during their combat deployments. MORE INFO…




This is no ordinary Carbine course set. We combine military training with customized weapons training techniques to give you the best experience with the best accuracy possible.


Whether you are an agency, organization, club, group of friends, or just an individual looking to advance your skills; we would love to discuss what you’re interested in.
Heartland Precision