Shooter/Spotter Team Building


Our Shooter / Spotter Team Building course is a dedicated corporate, organizational and “team” focused training offering that utilizes the military “sniper team” dynamic as the primary learning objective, and incorporates the sniper team’s doctrinal duties and responsibilities to teach cohesion, communication, accountability and shared success. While many believe that the “sniper” is the heart and soul of a sniper team, it becomes very apparent through this unique training that the sniper is merely one half of the team. Without a competent spotter, the sniper is will rarely achieve the same level of mission success, but together they are highly effective and an unbelievable asset to their commander and organizational success. In this class we will show and teach your organization that success is more readily accomplished when they understand individual roles and can efficiently communicate in a concise manner.

Once we teach your crew the basics of “small team” dynamics & communication, we will split your personnel into teams and conduct long range live fire application utilizing our very own Heartland Precision custom rifles. Each individual will perform duties as both “shooter” & “spotter”, and in doing so will garner an appreciation and understanding of team roles while sharing in the success of their long range impacts on targets out to 1,000 yards and beyond. We provide your crew the rifles, ammo, spotting scopes, instructors and subject matter expertise… all your team has to do is schedule a training date and show up and train… it’s literally that easy.

For your next corporate event, disregard that picnic or trip to the bowling alley… push the “Easy Button” by contacting Heartland Precision Rifle and let us provide a next level training event that your team will never forget.

A two person training event starts at $1,150, and includes a shared Heartland Precision custom rifle, spotting scope w/ tripod, and 160 match grade rounds

You can then add additional 2 person teams for $875 apiece, which includes a shared Heartland Precision custom rifle, spotting scope w/ tripod, and 160 match grade rounds

* Individuals can bring their own rifle, ammo & spotting scope if they so choose

* A grill can be made available on the firing line if your team would like to prepare lunch on site prior to live fire application training
Duration 8 Hours
Cost $1150
Prerequisites: None

Rifle and scope rentals can be facilitated with prior coordination; don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from training

We have the ability to pick you up from the nearest airport if you are flying in for a course; requires prior coordination