Extended Range Game Harvest (ERGH) & Tailored Hunt Prep


Our ERGH course teaches those with a passion for big game hunting to get the most performance out of themselves and their hunting setup. Through in-depth instruction on the fundamentals of marksmanship, data collection, atmospherics, ballistics, range estimation, advanced scope utilization, supported & unsupported alternate firing positions, wind reading, communication and live fire hunt scenarios, we will help you establish an individual Ethical Range Limit (ERL). This course is a way for you to hone your rifle hunting skills and ultimately improve your harvest odds on that trophy animal that you have invested sweat, time and hard-earned capital to pursue.

ERGH class is a typically a two-day course that is most often ran as private training for “hunting buddy” crews and the hardcore DIY hunter types. Taught by our military qualified snipers who are also seasoned rifle hunters and outdoorsman, you will receive “sniper schoolhouse” style instruction on numerous variables of precision marksmanship which incorporates a “train as you hunt” primary learning objective. We are confident you will leave our course with the ability to shoot farther and consistently make precision hits on vital area sized target out to 600 yards and beyond. We promise that by the end of the course you will understand the capabilities and limitations of yourself and your equipment and have an established base line for the ethical engagement of game animals. We consider this training to be the best insurance policy a trophy game hunter can have prior to heading off on that hunt of a lifetime.
Duration 8 Hours
Cost $0
Prerequisites: None

Rifle and scope rentals can be facilitated with prior coordination; don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from training

We have the ability to pick you up from the nearest airport if you are flying in for a course; requires prior coordination

Required Equipment

Hunting rifle capable of shooting 1 MOA / 1” at 100 yards; heavy barrel or fluted, should be free floated Rifle; calibers accepted; .243 to .30-06 preferred / *magnum rounds up to .338 LM are acceptable
100 rounds of match grade hunting ammo, or ballistically comparable training ammo
Quality rifle scope with “target” knobs is preferred with target reticle for ranging, or a BDC reticle
Cleaning kit for your rifle
Bi-pods for your rifle
Shooting sticks
Shooting sticks
Hearing protection; muffs or plugs
Ballistic eye protection / sun-glasses
Insect repellent
Rain gear
Foot-wear appropriate for hunting scenarios
Long sleeve shirt
Long pants
Seasonal warming layers; jacket, sweatshirt, stocking cap etc...
Mid-sized hunting backpack
Heavy duty trash bags X 2 or waterproof bag for pack
Poncho or small tarp to cover gear if it rains
1 gallon zip lock sandwich bags to waterproof rifle data
Mechanical pencils and note pad
Extra batteries for any electronics you utilize
Optional Equipment

Quality rings and base for your scope
Rifle case to transport rifle to the range
An adjustable rifle sling
Shooting mat
Scope cant indicator/level bubble
Snacks for while on the range
Coffee mug & thermos