Long Range Precision 3


Long Range Precision (LRP-3) is a Ballistic Technology Integration & Spotter Proficiency focused class where you spend as much time on the your ballistic app and spotting scope as you do your rifle. In LRP-3 we will teach you how to collect & utilize atmospheric / environmental data, and couple it with the ballistic capabilities of your projectile to achieve downrange accuracy. You are also given a top-notch wind reading class where we show you how to read mirage and the seen environmental / vegetation effects to determine wind effects on your round down range. We want you to bring all of your precision resources; i.e. Ballistic Phone Application, Range Finder, Spotting Scope, Kestrel, Chrono-Graph, etc…*Don’t worry if you are short on gear, we have a reasonable rental you can fall in on for course completion. We will culminate the day with you running spotter duties for a fellow student, and vice – versa, as you run them out to 1,000+ yards on the steel, all under the watchful eye and coaching of our world class instructors. Classroom instruction involves the following:
  • LR & ELR Theory
  • Advanced ballistics
  • Environmental & atmospheric effects
  • Ballistic solver/phone app utilization
  • Wind reading
  • Shooter/Spotter communication
  • Advanced spotter proficiency
We then move to the firing line where will:
  • Conduct dry fire drills
  • Confirm zero
  • Live fire LR & ELR target engagements
  • Solver utilization for self generated firing solutions
  • Student derived wind calls
  • Conduct spotter duties for fellow students
LRP-3 concludes with students conducting live fire target engagements on LR & ELR target’s based upon their own firing solutions and wind calls, as well as spotting for fellow students on the firing line

Duration 8 Hours
Cost $285
Prerequisites: None

Rifle and scope rentals can be facilitated with prior coordination; don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from training

We have the ability to pick you up from the nearest airport if you are flying in for a course; requires prior coordination

Training Objectives

Advanced Ballistic Technology Integration

Reticle Hold Over & Hold off Target Engagements

Advanced Wind Reading & Spotter Proficiency

Ballistic Data Collection

Advanced Application of Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Required Equipment

Rifle & Scope combo * Reputable scope w/ MIL or MOA ranging/tactical reticle * Acceptable calibers; .223 to .338 * AR-10’s & AR-15’s are welcome * Magnum calibers up to .50 BMG are acceptable with prior coordination * Bring your SCOPE'S USER MANUAL * No lever actions or AK style rifles * Action screws should be properly torqued to spec & scope should be properly mounted w/ scope base & rings properly torqued to spec
80 rounds of MATCH GRADE AMMO *no steel core or penetrator ammo
Bi-pods for your rifle; short are preferred
Cleaning kit for your rifle
Rear stabilization bag/“Rear Bag”/sand sock X 2
Hearing protection; muffs or plugs are fine
Clipboard w/ mechanical pencils and note pad
Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, lip balm
Long Sleeves & Long Pants
Seasonal warming layers; jacket, sweatshirt, stocking cap etc. *if appropriate
Rifle case to transport rifle to the range
Brimmed hat for sun protection
Ballistic eye protection/sunglasses *wear at your discretion
Rain gear *weather dependent
Foot wear appropriate for range operations
Cooler with drinks/Sack Lunch/Snacks/Coffee Mug or Thermos
Camp stool/camping chair
Optional Equipment

Spotting scope with tripod
Ballistic Solver/Phone App
Extra batteries for any electronics you utilize
Shooting mat
Scope mounting tools/allen wrenches
Scope cant indicator/level bubble *mounted on scope