Long Range Precision 2


Long Range Precision (LRP-2) is a common-sense continuation of LRP-1, and focuses on Advanced Scope Utilization to allow for consistent and repeatable hits on targets via use of your target reticle. This class will teach you how to use your reticle, via the MOA or MIL relation formula, to determine the range of targets, and then utilize reticle hold over and hold off techniques, as well as max point blank scope settings, to compensate for bullet drop and wind effects on your projectile. In LRP-2 we provide our students attention to detail classroom instruction on:
  • Units of measurement (MOA) & (MIL)
  • MIL/MOA relation formula
  • Naked eye range estimation
  • Reticle hold over & hold off techniques
  • Max point blank range settings
  • Wind
  • Shooter/Spotter communication
  • Solver/Ballistic apps utilization
  • Spotter proficiency
We then move to the firing line where we will:
  • Range estimation exercise; naked eye & reticle
  • Conduct dry fire drills
  • Confirm zero
  • Conduct spotter assisted hold over & hold off target engagements
  • Max point blank target engagements
LRP-2 concludes with students conducting spotter assisted target engagements on LR & ELR target’s utilizing reticle hold over & hold off techniques

Duration 8 Hours
Cost $285
Prerequisites: None

Rifle and scope rentals can be facilitated with prior coordination; don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from training

We have the ability to pick you up from the nearest airport if you are flying in for a course; requires prior coordination

Training Objectives

Advanced application of marksmanship fundamentals

Intro to Technology Integration

Reticle Hold Over & Hold off Target Engagements

Intro to Wind Reading / Calling Wind

Mil / MOA Relation Formula / Range Estimation

Ballistic Data Collection

Max Point Blank Range Target Engagements

Required Equipment

Rifle & Scope combo * Reputable scope w/ MIL or MOA ranging/tactical reticle * Acceptable calibers; .223 to .338 * AR-10’s & AR-15’s are welcome * Magnum calibers up to .50 BMG are acceptable with prior coordination * Bring your SCOPE'S USER MANUAL * No lever actions or AK style rifles * Action screws should be properly torqued to spec & scope should be properly mounted w/ scope base & rings properly torqued to spec
80 rounds of MATCH GRADE AMMO *no steel core or penetrator ammo
Bi-pods for your rifle; short are preferred
Cleaning kit for your rifle
Rear stabilization bag/“Rear Bag”/sand sock X 2
Hearing protection; muffs or plugs are fine
Clipboard w/ mechanical pencils and note pad
Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, lip balm
Long Sleeves & Long Pants
Seasonal warming layers; jacket, sweatshirt, stocking cap etc. *if appropriate
Rifle case to transport rifle to the range
Brimmed hat for sun protection
Ballistic eye protection/sunglasses *wear at your discretion
Rain gear *weather dependent
Foot wear appropriate for range operations
Cooler with drinks/Sack Lunch/Snacks/Coffee Mug or Thermos
Camp stool/camping chair
Optional Equipment

Shooting mat
Scope mounting tools/allen wrenches
Scope cant indicator/level bubble *mounted on scope
Spotting scope with tripod
Ballistic Solver/Phone App
Extra batteries for any electronics you utilize