Long Range Precision
(LPR Ⅰ - Ⅳ)
Long Range Precision 1

Long Range Precision One (LRP-1) provides our students an advanced level of Rifle Competency in one training day, culminating with impacts on steel at 1,000 yards and beyond. Beyond engaging LR & ELR targets, students will become familiar with spotter duties & communication, MIL & MOA math, ballistic app utilization and the capabilities of their rifle platform. The majority of LRP-1 students achieve impacts on steel at one mile by the end of their live fire session.

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Long Range Precision 2

Long Range Precision (LRP-2) is a common-sense continuation of LRP-1, and focuses on Advanced Scope Utilization to allow for consistent and repeatable hits on targets via use of your target reticle. This class will teach you how to use your reticle, via the MOA or MIL relation formula, to determine the range of targets, and then utilize reticle hold over and hold off techniques, as well as max point blank scope settings, to compensate for bullet drop and wind effects on your projectile.

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Long Range Precision 3

Long Range Precision (LRP-3) is a Ballistic Technology Integration & Spotter Proficiency focused class where you spend as much time on the your ballistic app and spotting scope as you do your rifle. In LRP-3 we will teach you how to collect & utilize atmospheric / environmental data, and couple it with the ballistic capabilities of your projectile to achieve downrange accuracy. You are also given a top-notch wind reading class where we show you how to read mirage and the seen environmental / vegetation effects to determine wind effects on your round down range. We want you to bring all of your precision resources; i.e. Ballistic Phone Application, Range Finder, Spotting Scope, Kestrel, Chrono-Graph, etc…*Don’t worry if you are short on gear, we have a reasonable rental you can fall in on for course completion. We will culminate the day with you running spotter duties for a fellow student, and vice – versa, as you run them out to 1,000+ yards on the steel, all under the watchful eye and coaching of our world class instructors.

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Long Range Precision 4

LRP-4 is Heartland’s culminating class within our Long Range Precision curriculum. This final class is dedicated to applying the Fundamentals of Marksmanship to un-supported & supported firing positions; i.e. seated, kneeling, standing. Additionally, this class will address how to properly utilize slings, support aides, and how to build stable firing positions off of natural and man made barricades. We will provide you with an instructor led positional shooting demonstration, where we will demonstrate proper body position & alignment required to stabilize your LR platform and achieve impacts on LR targets from supported and unsupported alternate firing positions. This course culminates with our LRP-4 specific “Evaluated Fundamentals & LR Applications” qualification course of fire, where you will utilize all knowledge, skills and competency that you have established via your previous LRP I – III course participation. Our qualification table will evaluate your ability to conduct the following; Range Estimation, Unknown Distance Target Engagements, Wind Calling, Reticle Hold Over & Hold off Engagements, Technology Utilization, and Positional Shooting Proficiency. Upon completion of LRP-4 we will present you with a “Certificate of Advanced Rifle Competency” to capture your training accomplishment and to validate your collective 30+ hours of Long Range Proficiency Training.

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Extended Range Game Harvest (ERGH) & Tailored Hunt Prep
Rifle Hunt Prep & Tailored Hunt Prep

HPR’s Rifle Hunt Prep course was designed for rifle hunters who want to enhance their rifle competency and ultimately improve their odds of harvesting animals at extended ranges. We believe that a hunter who understands the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, ballistics, wind-reading and positional shooting can be extremely lethal, depending on cartridge of choice, out to 700 yards on vital zone / game sized targets. We typically run Hunt Prep as a two day which provides classroom instruction, wind reading terrain walk, live fire data collection, alternate firing position target engagements, and culminates on day two with instructor “guided" live fire hunt scenarios.

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Private & Corporate Classes
Shooter/Spotter Team Building

Our Shooter / Spotter Team Building course is a dedicated corporate, organizational and “team” focused training offering that utilizes the military “sniper team” dynamic as the primary learning objective, and incorporates the sniper team’s doctrinal duties and responsibilities to teach cohesion, communication, accountability and shared success. While many believe that the “sniper” is the heart and soul of a sniper team, it becomes very apparent through this unique training that the sniper is merely one half of the team. Without a competent spotter, the sniper is will rarely achieve the same level of mission success, but together they are highly effective and an unbelievable asset to their commander and organizational success. In this class we will show and teach your organization that success is more readily accomplished when they understand individual roles and can efficiently communicate in a concise manner.

Once we teach your crew the basics of “small team” dynamics & communication, we will split your personnel into teams and conduct long range live fire application utilizing our very own Heartland Precision custom rifles. Each individual will perform duties as both “shooter” & “spotter”, and in doing so will garner an appreciation and understanding of team roles while sharing in the success of their long range impacts on targets out to 1,000 yards and beyond. We provide your crew the rifles, ammo, spotting scopes, instructors and subject matter expertise… all your team has to do is schedule a training date and show up and train… it’s literally that easy.

For your next corporate event, disregard that picnic or trip to the bowling alley… push the “Easy Button” by contacting Heartland Precision Rifle and let us provide a next level training event that your team will never forget.

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