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Why HPR?

Our instructor staff is compiled of combat veterans, active & veteran military snipers, former military sniper instructors, Army competitive shooters, law enforcement sniper personnel and avid big game hunters.

Nearly all HPR instructors are still actively involved in military and law enforcement sniper training operations, sniper employment operations, civilian and military rifle competitions and big game hunting. Our trainers are down to earth and will openly share their subject matter expertise and lessons learned through their immersion within their respective sniper, competition and hunting communities. Most importantly, our instructors are not just “military dudes” with legit resumes, HPR only utilizes the most competent personnel and they must also be highly efficient at imparting their humble knowledge upon all students.

HPR instructors will do whatever is necessary to ensure you understand all course content and can practically apply what you have been taught, and with a maximum 1 – 4 instructor to shooter ration you can guarantee not to be forgotten about on the far end of the firing line. Our value is our personnel, come out and see for yourself.


At Heartland Precision we subscribe to a no frills style training atmosphere and shun the idea that high dollar and aesthetically pleasing shooting “complexes” are required to efficiently train aspiring LR shooters, or help sustain the skills of those already immersed in the LR community. Our training style and resources utilized are efficient and common sense, and gleaned from our collective years training on military firing lines around the globe. We utilize the fundamentals of marksmanship as the base for our LR rifle training curriculum and grow shooters from that foundation. Before you go “digital” and embrace all the technological advances that are now common in the LR world, we make sure you can perform in an “analog” capacity; we make you master the basics before allowing a jump to advanced practices. When we couple this training mindset with the training facilities we have located in some of the most beautiful areas of the country, you have an HPR training event.


At Heartland Precision we understand why people are hesitant to jump into the LR training world. Many people think they are “not ready” to come to an HPR class due to not having, in their opinion, the right scope, rifle, caliber or knowledge base. This mindset is harmful and counterintuitive to one of our main tenants of rifle training, which is “INVEST IN YOURSELF FIRST”. While quality rifles, stocks, scopes and ammo are of great benefit when it comes to putting rounds where we want them to go, they will never trump a shooter’s knowledge base and understanding of the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. Most aspiring shooters get it backwards and drain their checking account on gear and resources they don’t yet understand how to utilize properly, or attempt to “gear up” to compensate for their own perceived lack of ballistic competency.

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